How To Resolve New Hardware (mb) Red Status Signal?

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    Purchased a GIGABYTE GA-B250-HD3 MB with an Intel Pentium Processor G4560, and a Ballistix Sport LT 8GB Single DDR4 2400 (Gray). Assembled the system without any problems since this is not my first hardware assembly.

    The power supply is a 500 Watt EVGA, purchased two years ago, and I assume that the connectors are up to date. Connected the 24 pin power supply, and 6 pins of the PCIE 8 (6+2) connection on the motherboard. But the two on the left of the PCIE don't fit so I left it as is. I assume that the PCIE powers the CPU. Without this connection, the status light would not work.

    On the first try, the MB CPU status light flashed red once, and then nothing. Disconnected the drives, removed the DDR4 memory, tried it and the same thing happened again. Removed the CPU itself and the same thing happened again.

    I am not sure what these two leftover PCIE connectors from the PSU are. There are two sets of the PCIE connectors and they are identical. I assume that 2nd is for a PCIE Express video card which does not apply to me. Nevertheless I am unclear about the two empty sockets on the left, if they have any connection to the problem. Please use the links below for the socket photos



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